Gnome Kiosk window stacking order

Hello everyone,

I’m configuring a kiosk environment on Fedora using GNOME Kiosk (GNOME / GNOME Kiosk · GitLab), and I’ve developed an app launcher that runs within gnome-kiosk-script-session. This launcher, among other applications, can initiate Citrix Workspace, which itself functions as an app launcher.

I’ve encountered an issue where applications launched through Citrix Workspace do not consistently remain on the top layer of the desktop. Occasionally, the Citrix UI ends up blocking access to these applications, disrupting the user experience.

To address this, I’ve attempted to utilize wmctrl with commands like wmctrl -ia window_id and wmctrl -i -r window_id -b add,above to force the Citrix-launched applications to the forefront. Unfortunately, these efforts have not yielded consistent results.

Has anyone faced a similar problem or does anyone have suggestions on how to ensure that application windows always remain on the top layer? Any guidance or workaround would be greatly appreciated.

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