Gnome-keyring: Use without password after boot

I am not a regular keyring user so I don’t know much about it. But gnome-keyring is installed by default in Debian 12 with xfce4. And it also seems that own/nextCloud desktop clients do use gnome-keyring to store their passwords.

The intention of my question is not only about solving a specific problem but more getting a deeper understanding of the situation.

I installed and configured own/nextCloud without problems. After rebooting they are coming up without asking for a password. After that I activated the autologin feature in lightdem (xfce4) so that I boot directly into the desktop without being asked for my Debian users login credentials.

But that caused the problem that the keyring asks me for a password because the next/ownCloud client try to access the keyring to get their own passwords.
I uninstalled “gnome-keyring” package and now next/ownCloud do ask for their own passwords of course.

How to solve it? Is it possible to use keyring but not being asked for a password?

I want to boot directly to the desktop without being asked for the Debian users password, without being asked for the keyring password and without being asked for next/ownCloud passwords.

I can say this should work somehow because my previous system worked that way. But it was quit old and I do not remember and also don’t have documented how I did it.

Any suggestions in that use case?

If you don’t want to encrypt your keyring, you can use seahorse to change the password of the login keyring to an empty string. Then you won’t get asked for your password to unlock it.

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