Gnome-keyring SSH component: option to not fail with inaccessible default socket file

If I’m not wrong, gnome-keyring set the variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK always re-using the same socket file name:

There could be cases where the socket file is not accessible (ie. docker containers, with the socket file mounted, change the ownership to root - ).

If that occur, at reboot gnome-keyring will fail, leaving the system without SSH_AUTH_SOCK and of course no agent (also without any graphical warning it’s hard to tell what’s happened).

It would be useful IMO an option that let gnome-keyring (mainly at startup while it’s able to globally set the SSH_AUTH_SOCK) to not fail if the default socket-file is not accessible, and maybe generate a random-one socket-file ‘/run/user//keyring/ssh-’

Thanks in advance for reading.

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