Gnome Keyring / Seahorse - storing/caching GnuPG passwords

Hello, I’ve been trying to find more documentation on Gnome Keyring and Seahorse to see if it’s possible to store my GnuPG password for my secret key. I’d like to either have it unlocked automatically in my login keyring, or just enter it once per session so that I can run gpg -d -u <my id> <file> and not have the ncurses prompt pop up to ask for my secret key passphrase every time within a command line.

Is this possible?

  1. I think, what you need is a wrapper around "gpg" command, which reads the password from stdin on GPG key creation, and stores it in the login keyring ( or you can add the passsword manually ).

  2. The same wrapper can be used to read the password from the login keyring after login, and pass it to the "gpg" command ( via an option / stdin ).

Seahorse can probably do [1] for you, but cannot do [2].

Also, you won’t need [2], if "gpg" command has an option to read the password directly from GNOME keyring.

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