Gnome keyring and Hardwarekey, i.e. Yubico

since this is my first post i will give a short introduction about me and my system.I am a retired photographer using Debian with Gnome for years. In this time i have the need to better secure my notebook and so i decided to use a Yubico 5C NFC stick. The stick works very well with my mail account as well as other accounts, but there is one thing i miss, the login with only the insertion of the key.
I managed so far to use the key as a second factor of authentication, but always had to type the password. Clearing the keyring-password has no effect, so hopefully i can find a solution here.

What i want to do:

  • login as user using the key instead of typing a password
  • the use of apps without password (the hardwarekey should replqace the password)

What i have:

  • Debian 12 with latest updates, Gnome 43.9 with Wayland
  • Yubico Authenticator up and running
  • libpam-yubico installed and configured
  • added "auth required to /etc/pam.d/lightdm

So, thank you all in advance for any help / hints

All the best

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