Gnome js and c++ binding

Gnome is really better for cross platform , A simple feel and look makes it easy to use not only on desktops but also on tablet pc and hand held devices. Also Gnome based on Javascript but javascript uses c++ as well.

Running codes on c++ directly increase response and
reliability, also c++ codes can easily binded on javascript.

Link below (external source):

So I would prefer also to do c++ binding for improved performance.

Hope somebody reply or correct the thread.

Are you talking about GNOME Shell? Because there are already C++ bindings for GTK and other platform libraries: see gtkmm, glibmm, cairomm, pangomm, et al.

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Okay thx for reply, I actually mean c++ binding is for advantages, but are already these libraries are used or I need to install these.

If you are referring to how GJS binds JavaScript to GNOME’s C libraries, then GJS already does that in C++. It uses the API provided by Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.

Okay checking bugs in spider monkey is usually required and got a link

External link:

I’m sure what you mean there, but bugs in SpiderMonkey should be reported upstream with Mozilla. Bugs in GJS should be reported in the issue tracker at Issues · GNOME / gjs · GitLab.

Ok, hope bugs should be fixed soon.

Well, first you have to report them. Then either wait for a volunteer, or contribute the fix yourself.

Yes if there is a bug in the api how can we monitor that using any command.

First find the bug, then report it. If more information is required to solve, there is usually someone there who will help you find that information.

Ok yes but I mean if there is a gnome dev extension or gnome beta ,I can inspect all the processes check ram cpu disk usage and can submit if any issues found.

All I can give you for a hypothetical bug, is a hypothetical answer. GNOME Logs or journalctl is where I would start, hypothetically.

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