Gnome Issues and enhancements

I have the following notices that it would be great if fixed/enhanced in future releases:

  1. Mouse and Sloppy window focus, doesn’t set focus on when hover the mouse over the window title bar (and not even when the title bar is clicked), which means that shaded windows cannot be toggled back un-shaded before double clicking the title bar to maximize the window and double clicking it again to restore its original state.
  2. There is a “Keep on top other windows” option, but there is no “Keep below other windows”, adding such feature would be great lots of the times, we want to set a full screen app lower than others and have all pop up windows and dialogs showing above it.
  3. You need to find a way to disable the on-screen keyboard which keeps popping up on screen touch which makes the screen touch really annoying, although the great work done on it (most of us are using gnome on laptop or desktop computers with physical keyboard attached, there must be a way to disable this on screen keyboard at least when a physical keyboard is detected), I tried disabling it in dconf, however that didn’t work!
  4. on screen touch, when sliding up with three fingers and showing this nice tiles view (I mean the “activity” view), using the three fingers again should not grep windows, let moving the windows go with just one finger in case we want to move it to different workspace or screen - allowing moving the window with three fingers is causing issues and accidentally moving windows when the desired action is slide the whole desktop or show the apps icons.
  5. When sliding up with three fingers on the touchpad showing the activity view, the desktop appears and a panel with a set of apps icons showing up in the bottom, this panel shows up only on the main screen, it would be nice if we have an option to show the same panel on all screens… The desired effect, is that when I touch on screen one, I want to open the app from screen one rather than going to the primary screen to open the app (in my case I have dual monitors, and cintiq where the three of them have touch screen).
  6. We need an option (or key in dconf) to maximize the window to cover all screens, currently we have to resize the window manually to cover all screens, and unfortunately, the window state is not saved for future opening of the same app, so every time we open the same app, we have to manually resize it to cover the screens.
  7. KDE apps (or QT apps in general) looks really ugly ugly when opened on gnome if the application doesn’t internally override the look and feel, in the past, user preferences for the the appearance applied in KDE was still applying non hardcoded apps looks.

This is actually an issue outside of GNOME, the KDE team and some Fedora contributors (?) are working on a fix

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