GNOME: I can't log into my personal account using custom profile

I’m using Gnome version 3.32.2 on Oracle Linux 8.8
Everything was working fine until I tried to install the 19c database, and restarted the system.
Since then I can’t log into my personal account using the custom settings. X11 and Wayland work in both the standard and classic versions, but they don’t list my installed applications (not even mozilla firefox with all the customized links to my customers’ webpages).
I have no trouble at all logging in as the new oracle user and though the desktop is unconfigured, I have access to all my apps (but not my links)

I would really want to be able to use my old account with the custom desktop. I think it’s a problem with ownership / permissions, but I have no idea where to start looking for it.

Would be very grateful for any kind of help.

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