GNOME gitlab feature requests

Is it possible to add the following features to GNOME gitlab ?

Feature 1:

  1. Display non-translation commits only.
  2. Display non-help commits only.
  3. [1] and [2]

This is mainly to check what code changes / bug fixes have been made to a particular project. While this is possible with git plumbing commands, one has to checkout the branch for it. Also, the nice gitlab interface would be missed, which offers more clarity while displaying and processing git commits. So, rather than thinking about whether one got the git command / filter correct, he / she can focus on the actual job.

Feature 2:

Add information about project maintainer (s) somewhere in the project specific page.

Feature 3:

Add activity map for a project ( similar to user activity map )

Thanks !

You should file issues upstream. The GitLab instance in GNOME is not customised outside of branding.

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Seems like GNOME list of gitlab feature requests are tracked in

@csoriano: Should a new issue be opened in upstream gitlab ? Please let me know.


That gitlab upstream issue contains the list of priorities for GNOME as a whole, rather than for individual requests. I would suggest to file your requests upstream in a separate issue. If after a wider discussion, the GNOME community deem them a priority, I would add them to the priority list upstream.

Does that works for you?

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Actually, all the 3 feature requests are for GNOME as a whole, and not specific to any project. If you feel otherwise, we can drop the issue here.

Gitlab upstream has a sea of open issues, and even some high / medium priority issues have been pending for years. So much open issues, that the last time I updated some gitlab issue, I remember a bot responding. Also, looking at the status of ( 5 of 22 tasks completed ), it appears that things are already running pretty tight there, wrt time and resources allocated to GNOME. So, I’m not very encouraged to open a generic gitlab bug, that is more beneficial / specific to GNOME and not so high priority.

The main idea behind opening this topic is under the assumption, that gitlab is extensible, and GNOME gitlab admins can achieve this with some plugins, which is clearly not the case, as clarified by @ebassi.

Thanks !

It does not really matter: we don’t have “GNOME specific” features, because we don’t have anybody maintaining them.

That’s not how anything works.

GTK has a ton of open issues, and they have been pending for years; it means somebody needs to write the code and contribute a fix. The same applies to GitLab—or any free and open source software project, really.

Gtk open issues: 1123 ( )

Gitlab open issues: 32924 ( )

gitlab issues page is actually a bit scary.

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