Gnome Foot Logo?

I hate the gnome foot logo when it appears as the icon for mate-menu.
So don’t use it, I hear you say?
Easier said than done. Can anyone tell me how to force an icon that I want to look at on the mate-menu.
Failing that, can I put in a request that Gnome change their awful logo?
Does anyone actually like the Gnome logo?

In danger of stating the obvious: If your using MATE, you should probably have the MATE logo — not GNOME?

Of course that doesn’t change how anyone may feel about either logo, though I would argue getting GNOME to rebrand because you don’t like the look of a non-GNOME project is perhaps a little extreame :slight_smile:


Whether anybody likes the GNOME logo is immaterial: it’s the logo of the project, and has been for more than two decades. It’s also a trademark.

Now, given that you are using Mate, I strongly encourage you to ask on a Mate support forum why the GNOME logo is appearing on their panel.

I’d also recommend that, however strongly you feel about the logo of a project, you don’t come on their forums and insult the project’s branding. You end up sounding like a douche, and it makes it really easy to ban you without even looking at your question.

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So don’t use it, I hear you say?

Well, using GNOME instead of Mate would fix that particular issue for you, given that we don’t show the logo anywhere :wink:

More seriously, if Mate didn’t change from the old GNOME2 code, then it’s using the start-here icon from the icon theme. I would be surprised if Mate’s default icon theme didn’t replace that with their logo, but maybe you configured a different theme?

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If it had defaulted to the MATE logo, as one might expect, I’d have happily kept it. However, having to change it, there are a few I’d prefer to use.

Perhaps extreme, but in the emperor’s new clothing department somebody is asking for a friend.

I’m using icons and themes from LMDE 3 but I sometimes change the mint logo to something else.

MATE is sat on a load of Gnome, can’t separate the two. I’m here because the MATE forums are shut since 2016!
Please don’t take my opinion to heart. The Gnome logo is known by milllions worldwide, so you’ll have the full spectrum of opinions.

Hi Florian, I’m installing linux on asus eee pc 700s, which have 512MB ram each, and a bit of an overheating problem.
Gnome and Cinnamon are better desktops than MATE, in my opinion. I use Cinnagnome on my main machine.
For the eee pc, MATE is the only DE that looks ok and doesn’t make the fan whirr when the box is in use.
Had a look at, can’t understand most of it but found ‘start’here’ there.

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