Gnome (flatpak) builder error

I’m getting this error from fedora 37 when using gnome builder for evolution-3.46.4

ERROR: Neither directory contains a build file

and I can only read flatpak-builder --stop-at=libsecret from the log (build output), so I’m asking for some clues…

Please provide full steps to reproduce.

Will do, but before that, I’m asking advice to understand the situation from a general perspective.
Somehow the 2 things (steps to reproduce on one side and general understanding one the other) have some points of contact (e.g. an image of a container as a starting point for the repro?)

For example, I see that the output builder at the beginning says “flatpak-builder --arch=x86_64 blabla” but if I run flatpak-builder on my terminal fedora asks me if I want to install it. So my next question in this approach would be: which image/container is the builder using to run it? sort of docker/podman? can I simulate the steps it is taking or at least can I read somewhere what actions are taken in order to build the project? An even broader open question, about how to analyse such errors from the build output.

These are not really Evolution questions. I’d suggest you ask on the
Fedora Users list: or on a Flatpak forum.


I have not said (or I didn’t mean to say) that this is a question about evolution, I don’t know/remember why is tagged like that.

This is - first of all - a question about the gnome-builder.

I am asking: “how is the gnome-builder running the flatpak-builder --arch=x86_64 ... I see in the build output? Is it running on a container image and how is the troubleshooting for a build error - specifically coming from the gnome-builder - done?”.

In that case you should remove the Evolution tag and add a gnome-builder tag to this topic.

Ok, first of all I would like to understand how the gnome-builder is running flatpak-builder since the package flatpak-builder is not installed in my fedora f37 but - from the build log - it looks like gnome-builder is invoking flatpak-builder, which in turn is producing a long log (downloading 1.5G of dependencies) and eventually stopping at a specific error for libsecret.

Then, having clarified this, I would ask help to analyse the error about libsecret outputted by gnome-builder, considering that the gnome-builder is just downloading that module (so I also wonder how/why this error is not just an issue of those repos of libsecret and gnome-builder as such)

I start answering to myself.

I guess that this is - more or less - what happens, flatpak launches a shell (like a vm or a container of sort). Hence maybe the best command to start with is (to be confirmed by an expert)

flatpak run --command=sh --devel org.gnome.Builder

Indeed flatpak-builder is present there.

… to be continued (hopefully not by myself)

Found the solution by myself

and by the way regarding the stop at libsecret

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