Gnome files preview

Would like to see an option to choose which file formats to be previewed. I rarely need to have thumbnails on pdf’s, documents etc…

To follow gnome’s simplicity it might be an option to tick a box i.e. “only preview pictures and videos”

Hi william, in what way do thumbnails of pdfs get in your way?

Mostly it’s a design preference. But I think it can be harder to visually find a specific file while also seeing the content of the pdf. This also applies to text documents and excel files.

In which way is it harder? That text document, excel sheet and pdf thumbnails look too similar? Or do they make scanning for other images by thumbnail more difficult?

For me personally it can be harder to visually scan for filenames when there are visible thumbnails of documents.

If you’re scanning for specific file names, I’d recommend to use list view instead of grid view. Makes it a lot easier to ignore the thumbnails

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Grid view should be visual, so I’d like thumbnails for more content types like TXT, MD and HTML.

ooh, and Markdown preview in Sushi would be great too.

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