GNOME donation page is very primitive


I am interested in donating to GNOME. But, the gnome donate page at Donate – GNOME is not very encouraging to donate.

  1. I don’t have a credit card and a paypal account. I only have a debit card. page lists only paypal and credit card. How should I donate ?

  2. I donate to wikipedia frequently without issues with GPay and debit card. Why cannot Debit card and GPay be added to GNOME donation page.

  3. Also, the page needs to be revamped for 2023. It looks very old and doesn’t give confidence to the donator. Most of the page is allocated to text and donation is in right bottom corner. It needs to be redesigned. Maybe a web designer will have better suggestions.

I am attaching gnome donation and Wikipedia donation page images for reference below.

GNOME: ( )

Wikipedia: ( )


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As far as I know, for the first point you mentionned, ‘Credit Card’ is sometimes a generic names that encompasses both ‘Debit Card’ and ‘Credit Card’. You should give a try.

And if you have skills or ideas on how to improve the donation page, I would encourage you to get in touch with the team at GNOME that handles this kind of stuff :-).


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