Gnome doesn't wake up from sleep (suspend)


when i try to wake up my laptop form sleep (suspend) by opening the laptop lid or pressing a key on the keyboard nothing happens, the laptop is still in sleep (suspend) and the only way to turn my laptop on in to press the power button for 10 seconds and turn it on using the power button (I have to reboot the laptop), and this problem is only on gnome (Wayland), i used KDE plasma (Wayland) in arch linux and there is no problem there.

sorry for the bad English.

Hardware Model: Apple Inc. MacbookPro8,1
OS Name: Fedora Linux 36 (Workstation Edition)
GNOME Version: 42.4
Windowing System: Wayland

$ sudo swapon --show
/dev/zram0 partition 5.7G   0B  100

I will delete my account (no one replied in 3 days)

Everyone is a volunteer, here, so you are not owed a reply. If nobody replied to you, it most likely means nobody knows the answer.

yes i know that, I just was gonna use another forum to ask my question, i am sorry for saying that

how can i delete my account (I don’t like having accounts in a lot of services)

I can anonymise your account, which is the same as deleting it without deleting the topic.

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