"GNOME" does not start after adding "ecport LANG=ia.JP.SJIS" to ".bashrc"

I want to change the character code of CentOS7 to SJIS.
Add “ecport LANG=ia.JP.SJIS” to “.bashrc” and change the character code to SJIS.
After restarting CentOS and logging in, “GNOME” does not start.
I would like to investigate the reason why it does not start, but I do not know how to investigate. Please tell me how to do the research.

CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (core)
GMOME terminal 3.28.2

SHIFT_JIS is not an ASCII-compatible (extended-ASCII) text encoding. There are probably a lot of GNOME applications that are broken with this encoding, and some will be very hard to fix. You might be able to see the errors by looking in system logs, for example journalctl --user if your system uses systemd-journald for logging.

Please use LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 instead to make GNOME work. Many applications can still open SHIFT_JIS files when running in UTF-8 mode, but you might need use a menu to change the character encoding.

It is OK to temporarily set LANG=ja_JP.SJIS in a terminal to run an application which requires SHIFT_JIS encoding. You just cannot set it for the whole desktop.

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