Gnome-Control-Center brings flatpak - intentional?

Hey @Gnomers,

With a recent commit to G-C-C bringing malcontent in, flatpak was added as a hard dep. Was this intentional?

Not going to lie - if so I’m a bit disappointed flatpak is now a base dependency.

The dependency on malcontent is optional, and gnome-control-center only uses libmalcontent, not libmalcontent-ui which depends on flatpak.

So “flatpak was added as a hard dep” isn’t true: No distribution is forced to enable the option (it is off by default) or distribute libmalcontent and libmalcontent-ui in the same package (Fedora for example uses separate subpackages).


Hey Florian,

Thanks for clearing that up! I’m not super familiar with how distros (Arch) package Gnome and thought it was more or less faithful to origination.

Happy to hear it’s flexible by default. I’ll continue to track this and perhaps keep the flexibility.


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