Gnome-codesearch: enhancing GNOME API docs and cross reference code browsing

[Hopefully not off-topic, I just wanted GNOME dev community to know about this tool]

This brief post is just to introduce gnome-codesearch, which is a userscript that enhances the GNOME online C API by providing useful links to corresponding source code in the service. You will find those links alongside any function , macro , signal , property or enum symbol in the aforementioned GNOME online C API.

What’s more, once you are browsing the corresponding source file, you’ll notice that every function or macro call that you mouse-over will get auto-linked so you can quickly navigate to its source code too. This makes it a nice cross reference code browsing tool to navigate among the vast C source code indexed by the service.

There’s a short demo video along with Installation instructions in the Project page:

Hopefully this script will make it a nice addition to GNOME developer’s toolbox.


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