Gnome Circle Addtions and Removals History

Curious if there is any repository (EDIT: not necessarily in the Git sense) where I can find the history of additions and removals of software projects in the Gnome Circle of apps.

I read the weekly TWiG posts, which often mention additions, but I’m seeking to find a simple changelog listing.

Case in point… I was planning to recommend the Drawing app for a specific use-case, but see it’s no longer listed in the Circle.


Also, the same question for Gnome Core Apps… though they don’t change as often.

I’d love to see at a glance, a simple diff/changelog without having to rely on blog posts, core/news or manually parsing/diffing core/sources.

Whenever possible, if Gnome apps have sufficient functionality for my needs, I try to stay within the ecosystem. It would be great to know when projects are deprecated.

Drawing was removed due to being based on an outdated version of GNOME’s stack for a long time. The closest thing you’ll get to a changelog is probably this: Commits · main · Teams / Circle · GitLab


Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

Oddly, searching for “circle” in Gnome’s gitlab (first thing I did before asking) gave no results for Projects. Shows up now… D’oh.

You check the gnome-build-meta project.

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