GNOME Builder; Why does it redownload SDK?

Hi. I installed Builder to migrate from KDevelop. I used Flatpak to install Builder and it did, along with downloads of Sdks of 600 MBs. I started the application and it said that Sdks are missing and needs to download it. I accepted and it started downloading 'em again! Why??

I have few doubts and recommendations that might help to improve Builder:

  1. Can we make it a general IDE like KDevelop, Eclipse, instead of being an IDE for GNOME applications?
  2. Why is the run button un-clickable (you can see from screenshot)?
  3. Pylint shows no errors, does it show automatically or we have to manually run it everytime?
  4. Please improve code-completion, especially for local objects, that is variables defined in same context.
  5. Add more themes and colors and I love rainbow coloring (every variable is given a different color).
    I heard that Builder is still new, and I absolutely love the UI, it is very different and cool compared to other IDEs. Keep it up and thank you guys !

Can you run the following on terminal and show the output here?

flatpak list --runtime | grep gnome
flatpak --user list --runtime | grep gnome

It could be that when you installed Builder one specific version of the SDK was installed, and when you built your app another version of the SDK was requested and installed.

Yep here you go:

$ flatpak list --runtime | grep gnome
Locale	org.gnome.Builder.Locale		stable	x86_64	flathub	system
GNOME Software Development Kit version 3.34 - Tools and headers for developing applications using the GNOME application platform	org.gnome.Sdk		3.34	x86_64	flathub	system

$ flatpak --user list --runtime | grep gnome

It does seem to confirm that the version you have installed in your system (3.34) is different from the version that is being downloaded by Builder (3.32).

That explains the double download.

So I gotta download the old SDK too, okay would do it. Thanks

Yes, or just update your App’s runtime/sdk version to the 3.34 (check your app manifest json file).

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