Gnome-builder vala support

@chergert (Builder 3.34 Development Planning theme is already closed and I can’t write to it.)
Add better Vala support.
Seriously, Vala still doesn’t have a normal IDE(13 years old). For example If in Builder in the C project create a function addsmth(int a,int b) and then call, you will see a hint, confirming that you will get a form with orange fields in the arguments, which can be iterated using tab, very convenient. And I think this feature does not depend on the language, it is enough to be able to recognize the function. Looking at that image
Builder or current vls is able to do it, but nevertheless this feature is not supported on Vala. I don’t know from whom now depends supportability features for Vala in from Builder developers, or from Daniel Espinosa (by the way all the rest of the implementation is dead 1, 2 ), but it seems like this feature can be implemented.


I don’t work on Vala upstream in Builder because it’s too time consuming and there is much more important architectural work for me to be implementing. For better or worse, the GNOME platform is heavily invested elsewhere. I try to focus on enabling features, and let the community with expertise in a specific language fill in support for their preferred language.

That said, @tintou has been doing some amazing work to help extract our Vala support into something that closely resembles a language server. It is built like one (using jsonrpc) but it uses custom APIs that are better suited to the performance we expect in Builder.

On Builder Nightly, a few features are lacking at the moment until that restructuring is completed. I think auto-completion is going through some rework now.

Given how few Vala contributors there are in general, I’m sure your contributions to improve things would be appreciated.

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