Gnome-builder preferences crash


Gnome-builder crashes when I launch Preferences. I am new to Gnome development and Gnome-builder.
The crash occurs only if I change anything in the Builder Preferences or view, either a setting or switch to a different Build Profile. The crash usually occurs immediately. The crash does not occur if I only open the Builder Preferences view and do nothing.

Builder launched via Application launcher or via CLI like this:
flatpak run org.gnome.Builder

Additional troubleshooting details:

version = "43.5"
channel = "flatpak-stable"
identifier = "43.5"

hostname = "pop-os"

You probably just need to update your Flatpak/SDK so you have Builder 43.6.

Thank you. Updating Flatpak fixed the issue.

For others running into this issue: I happened to uninstall Builder, then update flatpak and reinstall Builder. The uninstall may not be required.