Gnome builder on windows

Hi everybody

I would like to know if there is a package or a setup file to install and run gnome builder on windows, maybe using msys2.

MSYS2 doesn’t have a package for Builder: Search - MSYS2 Packages

And I think it would be quite hard to port Builder to native Windows, because it uses Linux containers technologies etc.

Builder’s main developer, Christian, can probably confirm.

Maybe with WSL: Windows Subsystem for Linux.

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I wouldn’t say its totally out of scope. Christian already have prototyped running Builder in Mac OS

GNOME Builder on Mac OS

For Windows more work is needed for the process architecture because this fundamentally works differently as on Unix based systems.

Summary: no, currently its not possible but maybe in the future


Thank you very much for the answer, this is exactly what I wanted to know.

Thank you

I will periodically check the state of builder’s Windows port

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