Gnome Boxes Settings locations and VM Locations?


I need to format and re-install a debian based release with gnome and gnome boxes installed.

I want to copy all the relevant settings and VMs to a HDD then just re-install Boxes after, then just copy the settings and VMs back to the correct places to save a lot of time.

Please could anyone tell me the stuff and locations I need to backup?

Would really appreciate help!

Oh and does it matter if I change the account username as well?



GNOME Boxes typically relies on libvirt, so the related configs and data can be stored in multiple places depending on the package format/version/maintainer/etc. and virtualization settings.

The common locations involved:


In addition, each VM/pool/network can use extra paths which you’d best to verify:

virsh list --all
virsh dumpxml vm_name
virsh pool-list --all
virsh pool-dumpxml pool_name
sudo virsh net-list --all
sudo virsh net-dumpxml net_name

Those paths are usually absolute, so you should update them if you change the user name:

virsh pool-edit pool_name
virsh pool-start pool_name
virsh edit vm_name
virsh start vm_name

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