Gnome Boxes image takes too much space


I have windows 10 image on Gnome Boxes (UBNUTU 22.2). Windows telling me that the windows partition is 40GB and 15GB of it is free. I expect that the image file takes 40GB of space on disk but its is 63GB and it is not possible to decrease the storage limit. What is worst is that the image file size keeps growing (for example when I install updates) and lower limit of storage size grows with it. is there any way to optimize the image file to not to takes that extra space?

Collect the relevant information:

# Block storage info
virsh list --all
virsh domblkinfo ${VM} --all --human
virsh domblklist ${VM} --details
virsh dumpxml ${VM} --xpath //disk

# Volume info
virsh vol-list ${POOL} --details
virsh vol-info ${VOL} ${POOL}
virsh vol-dumpxml ${VOL} ${POOL}

# File info
FILE="$(virsh vol-path ${VOL} ${POOL})"
virsh shutdown ${VM}
qemu-img info ${FILE}

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