GNOME Boxes - Change RAM of existing virtual machine


when I setup a new virtual machine with GNOME Boxes I can define the RAM and max. disk size. But it seems like afterwards I can’t change it, when I go to the settings all these options are disabled:

I can only adjust the number of CPUs. Is there really no way to adjust the other parameters afterwards?


I’m wondering the same thing.

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We disable changing these settings for Live images, since these changes require a reboot to apply. Rebooting a VM while it is installing can lead to various errors. See

Are these VMs installed or just Live images? Besides, what’s the gnome-boxes --version ?

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Thanks, this explains it. Indeed, once I removed the live image I could change this values. But I’m still a bit surprised. I understand that you don’t want to allow to change this values on a running system. But once the VM is shutdown it shouldn’t matter if it contain a live image or a installed system. I would expect that I can always change it on a shutdown VM.

I will perform some tests to see whether we can change this behavior. My concern is that you might boot a live image and perform an installation with certain memory/storage values, and then, after changing it in the properties, the OS does a first-boot that does some finish-ups on the installation. Will most systems work if the specs change in the between? I will have to verify. :slight_smile: