Gnome box close right after opening

Dear friends

I’ve try to clone a virtual machine and after a while, I’ve close the program. Since then, everytime I’m opening the program, it close after the GUI opened.

I think the issue is the clone virtual machine that wasn’t done when i’ve close the program. On the main website, I saw where the virtual machine was supposed to be saved but ther’s no such thing on my OS

(Lieu de stockage des images disques par Machines : ~/.local/share/gnome-boxes/images/ )

I’ve installed the app with flatpak

thanks for your support

It’s crashing. See Creating Quality Backtraces for Crash Reports – Michael Catanzaro's Blog for instructions on how to get a backtrace with gdb for a bug report.

For what it’s worth, I have a similar problem. I’m not sure how I triggered it, but I haven’t been able to use Boxes for several months now. Your problem might be the same, or different: getting a backtrace with gdb is the way to find out.

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thanks my friends … i’ll try to do the same things as you did to solved the problem.

My report is too many characters for this post …

This is an issue with failing to clone a VM. You should attempt to remove the broken box with the following steps.

  • Enter the virsh console inside the flatpak sandbox
flatpak --command=virsh run org.gnome.Boxes
  • List your virtual machines
list --all
  • Undefine the broken machine
undefine --nvram <name-of-the-broken-vm>
  • Start Boxes again.
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thanks, I really appreciate for your help :wink:

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I dunno if I need to create a new topis but I try to clone a virtual machine and it’s like more than 16 hours since that I’ve made the clone. It’s still running so if I closed the program the bug will occur again and again … I don’t know if it will be corrected in future version but I don’t understand why it take so many time to clone.

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