GNOME ASIA 2022- Call for Papers and Travel Request Sponsorship

GNOME.Asia Summit 2022 invites you to participate as a speaker! Join us from this year’s conference on December 2nd-4th by submitting your abstract.

This year the event will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will happen in person.
If you cannot attend in person, you can still present at our conference by pre-recording your presentation.

GNOME.Asia is the featured annual GNOME conference in Asia and focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, applications, and platform development tools. The Summit brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum for users, developers, foundation leaders, governments, and businesses to discuss current technology and future developments. Possible talk topics are suggested below, but topics are not limited to this list.

Suggested Topics

  • Contributing to GNOME
  • UI design
  • Accessibility
  • Human Interface Engineering (Icons and Graphic Design)
  • Marketing/Engagement
  • Developing GNOME on embedded systems or open hardware
  • Contributing to Linux and FLOSS
  • Linux kernel and development
  • The development and promotion of open-source operating systems
  • Distributions, including Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD
  • The development and promotion of other open source projects

We are also interested in other topics related to Free/Libre and Open Source Software that are not listed above.

Sessions will be scheduled for 30 or 50 minutes (Q&A included). The session could be a technical talk, panel discussion, or Birds of a Feather session (BoF).
If you need more time or additional resources, feel free to get in touch with the organizing team by emailing

NOTE: This year all speakers requiring travel sponsorship by GNOME Foundation should apply at the same time as submitting their CfP. Both Call for Participation submissions and Travel Sponsorship requests are due by October 10th.

Submission Criteria

Submission deadline: October 10th, 2022.


Is there a list of recommended accommodations around the conference venue?

@felipeborges Local team is working on it, soon we will have some options

Any details about the conference venue?

As mentioned here: GNOME ASIA 2022 - Registrations are now open
The venue is:

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