GNOME ASIA 2021- Registration is open!

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We’re excited to announce that the Registrations for GNOME Asia Summit 2021 are open!

You can now register online here!
GNOME Asia Summit 2021 will take place online from November 20th– 21st.
Topics covered include the GNOME desktop and a range of other topics that are GNOME specific and general to the free software and tech communities.

The summit brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a place for users, developers, leaders, governments and businesses to discuss present technology and future developments.
More information about the GNOME Asia 2021 Summit is available on the official website. The GNOME Asia Summit will be two days of stand out keynotes, engaging and educational sessions, so register today.

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You may be interested in fixing a few typos:

More information about the GNOME Asia 2021 Summit including is available

Maybe remove the word “including”?

and educational sessions so register today.

Maybe insert a colon after sessions.

And now for my understanding: This is the announcement of a ONLINE conference, which is restricted to ASIA and needs registration for people who want to ONLY watch online? I know that generally people who want to give talks has to register in advance, by why people who may only watch? And why restricted to ASIA – do people from outsite ASIA just have no chance to give a talk, or are also restricted to watch?

@StefanSalewski thanks!
Yes, this is an announcement for online conference.
People from all around the world will be able to attend the conference and the streaming will be available on youtube.
The conference will be happening on the Malaysian timezone, so everyone who won’t be able to attend it live can still watch it later.
Call for proposals are still open for everyone, the majority of speakers are usually from ASIA but its open to everyone outside of ASIA as well.
The focus of GNOME ASIA is to bring together all the big community from different countries and also discuss on different topics with the focus on this region.

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