GNOME.Asia 2019 Logo Competition Winner

GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 logo competition is over, the vote was in. The resulting jury has been decided the winner of this logo competition. The winner is “Fendi Prad” from Indonesia. Congratulations Fendi! As the winner. Fendi will receive a “mystery box” from the committee.

On this logo competition, we have 29 submissions from all over the world. All design is great, but the jury has to decide the winner. The vote is taken by GNOME.Asia Committee and local team. Thank you for your vote.

We say thank you for all participants of this logo competition, Eko Nanda, Muhammad Alfin Syahruddin, Troy Artur Wicaksono, Mohammad Teguh, Iradatur Rahmat, Nur Efendi, Muhammad Fahmi Alam, Muhammad Luthfi As Syafii, Boedi, Mohammad Afiffudin, Andi Laksana, Fahmi Idriez, Stanislaus J. Pinasthika, Deddy Masan, Fendi Prad, Pangeran Waliyullah, Waditos, Hervy Qurrotul, Pendaur Ulang. See you at GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 at Gresik - Indonesia.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!

The logo looks great! :heart_eyes:

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