Gnome and screen sharing in Google Meet

Hi, community. I have a presentation prepared in Libreoffice Impress. Objects are animated on each slide. Also, I use animated transitions between slides. When I view this presentation just like that, the animations on the slides and the transitions between slides are smooth.
I use Google meet. Now let’s start the presentation in full screen. In Google Meet, we will provide access to the window where this presentation is displayed on the entire screen. If I use any operating system (Kubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Opensuse) with KDE, then in this window I see the same smooth animation on the slides. As if I can see her without a screen demonstration. If you use any operating system, but with Gnome (Fedora, Manjaro, Ubuntu), then in this open window, I can see the animations and transitions between slides are not so smooth, but they are somewhat abrupt. Both Gnome and KDE use a Wayland session. I will add two more details.

  1. When using the KDE environment, I remove the libreoffice-qt5 package and install libreoffice-gtk3. With the libreoffice-qt5 package, there are no animated transitions between slides at all.

  2. I have a 4K monitor, i.e. 3840×2160. But if you set 1920×1080 in the settings, the animations look smooth in Gnome as well. But this is not acceptable, because then the whole interface becomes blurry. I have an Intel UHD 730 integrated graphics card, why this difference in behavior, can anyone tell me?
    I am currently using KDE but would like to switch to Fedora Gnome. But this problem stops me. Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

P.S. I originally published this post on r/gnome.
A member of the Gnome foundation suggested I post it here in a comment.
So I decided to take his advice.

This might be improved once this MR lands in one of the stable releases.

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