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It has been a fantastic year for us at GNOME Africa. Here is a rundown of the activities we engaged in and promoted throughout 2021. We did our first University Outreach Meeting in Africa virtually, where we hosted incredible speakers and university students from Africa

We kick-started the University Outreach Program and started working with university ambassadors in Africa. To learn more about the University outreach program, please see Engagement/UniversityOutreach - GNOME Wiki!. The application for the university outreach program is still on. Interested candidates should kindly send an email to, We welcome your ideas on better serving the mission of GNOME in Africa.

Another significant highlight is launching the new GNOME developer site that includes tools that are very helpful, especially for newcomers, along with a new version of its user interface. Do check it out here:

Also, we released GNOME 41, which includes several improvements and significant features. Learn more about GNOME 41 here

The GNOME community needs your donations to continue to serve its purpose and mission You can learn more on how to make donations here

We want to say a big thank you to all our supporters and contributors all through the year 2021, and we look forward to a beautiful new year with you all.

Essential Links to support the GNOME community; Get Involved here Join IRC here /GettingInTouch/IRC - GNOME Wiki! Get GNOME here

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