Gnome Activities Overview in Debian 12

Hello! I recently installed a new Debian 12 and noticed that the overview in Gnome looks different than in the previous version of Debian, which I am used to.

In the previous version it looked like this:

In the new version:

I’ll be honest, when I saw the new version, I wanted to change the graphical environment that I had been using for 6 years. But I found that this extension partially helps me get back V-Shell (Vertical Workspaces) - GNOME Shell Extensions

Dear developers, the main problem is not that everything has become horizontal now, but that the workspace has been reduced. Please give the user a choice so that he can choose whether he likes the new style or the old one.


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Sorry, but no. There is no scenario in which this is “an option”: we would need to write two different modes of operation, with two different user interaction models, and then a way to switch between the two. The complexity introduced would be impossible to maintain.

My personal recommendation is to try out the current shell; you have been hit by a dramatic transition because of the Debian upgrade, but GNOME users on faster moving distributions have had years to cope with the change.

If you end up not feeling comfortable, you’re absolutely free to change your desktop environment to one that makes you more productive.

Thank you for your reply. I set up the overview using V-shell extension even better than it was! A wonderful extension. The settings are very detailed. I just thought I wouldn’t be able to set it up like that

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