Gnome 45 slow start and delayed VLC on external monitor

I run Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic on a Lenovo laptop with nVIDIA GeForce RTX-2060, but I use only nVIDIA graphics, not the built-in Intel, by selecting “Discrete Graphics” in the BIOS.
As I am not happy with Wayland, I still use X11.
I login using Gnome, so version 45, and not Ubuntu.

I have 2 issues:

  1. slowness
    At startup, just after logging in, I need to wait almost a minute after clicking to e.g. open a terminal or Thunderbird before it really opens.

  2. external monitor issues
    When I run VLC on an external monitor via HDMI, the frame rate of 29.7 fps is not reached, a movie looks very bad and delayed.

I also installed XFCE4 and can login in XFCE, there both issues do not exist.

Can you share your journalctl log?

journalctl -b > journal.txt
tar cvfz journal.tgz journal.txt

what a forum
I needed to make a pdf of my .txt file as file types are restricted
But I am a new user and am not allowed to attach files :frowning:

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Yeah, just use a pastebin service like :slight_smile:

I learned thanks to the Ubuntu Desktop Environment forum that the same user for different DE’s is asking for problems…
So now I created 2 new users on my laptop, one for Gnome Desktop Environment, one for Ubuntu DE and kept the existing user for XFCE.
Now indeed in Gnome everything is normal with VLC and after startup.

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