GNOME 45 released

The GNOME Project is proud to announce the release of GNOME 45, “Rīga”.

This release brings a new Activities indicator, a Camera usage indicator
new quick settings, a Light system style, a new image viewer and a new
camera app, numerous app refreshes and enhancements, and many others.

To learn more about the changes in GNOME 45, you can read the release

GNOME Release Notes

You can also watch our release video.

GNOME Release Video

GNOME 45 will be available shortly in many distributions, such as Ubuntu 23.10
and Fedora 39. If you want to try it today, you can look for their beta
releases, some of which are already available:

Getting GNOME

We are also providing our own installer images for debugging and testing
features. These images are meant for installation in a vm and require
GNOME Boxes with UEFI support. We suggest getting Boxes from Flathub.

GNOME Installer

If you are interested in building applications for GNOME 45, look for the
GNOME 45 Flatpak SDK, which is available in the repository.

This six-month effort would not be possible without the whole GNOME
community, made of contributors and friends from all around the world:
developers, designers, documentation writers, usability and accessibility
specialists, translators, maintainers, students, system administrators,
companies, artists, testers, the awesome local GUADEC team in Rīga,
our tireless infrastructure team (thanks Andrea+Barthalion!),
and last, but not least, our users.

GNOME would not exist without all of you. Thank you to everyone!

We hope to see some of you at GNOME Asia 2023 in Kathmandu, Nepal!

Our next release, GNOME 46, is planned for March 2024. Until then,
enjoy GNOME 45.

:heart: The GNOME release team


There’s a small typo where GNOME 43 is mentioned instead of 45. page states that 2 new apps have been added to core GNOME.

  1. New Image Viewer
  2. New Camera App

But, it doesn’t mention their names ( e.g. how to search and install them in gnome-software etc )

The new image viewer is called “Image Viewer”. The new camera app is called “Camera”.
Both apps will show up in GNOME Software if you search for them by their names in GNOME 45. For previous GNOME versions (e.g. GNOME 44), they are only available in the GNOME Nightly repository.

Both searches list lots of apps.

Indeed. If it makes it easier, the new Image Viewer app was previously called Loupe, but its package name is still called loupe in the repositories, so you can search for that instead of “image viewer” or install it from the command-line with sudo dnf install loupe.
The new Camera app is dubbed Snapshot and its package name is snapshot.

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