GNOME 45.1 released


GNOME 45.1 is now available. This is a stable bugfix release for GNOME 45. All operating systems shipping GNOME 45 are encouraged to upgrade.

GNOME 45.1 is designed to be a boring bugfix update for GNOME 45, so it should be a safe and uneventful upgrade from earlier versions of GNOME 45. Enjoy!


I’m curious why mutter didn’t get a 45.1 tag. There are a substantial number of regressions and crashes that have been fixed in the gnome-45 branch.

I’m actually not aware of a single distro that has updated to GNOME 45 that doesn’t either use a commit from the gnome-45 branch itself to build from or doesn’t carry at least a few patches for the most common crashes.

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See GNOME 45.1 stable tarballs due (responsible: jbicha), GNOME 44.6 oldstable tarballs due (responsible: mclasen)

In particular:

Core modules are not expected to follow the schedule for stable releases. Instead, please release when you judge that a new stable release is required. Modules released before this deadline will be included in the 45.1 update of the GNOME runtime.

gnome-shell and mutter are typically released, in unison, asynchronous to the Gnome Schedule.

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It probably would be a good time for shell/mutter releases based on the quantity of fixes that have cropped up.

But yes, the GNOME releases are time-based and simply include the latest versions of whatever components decided to release before the deadlines.

Indeed, here they are:

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