GNOME 44 Release Parties

GNOME 44 was released today and we hope everyone is celebrating! If you’re hosting a GNOME 44 Release Party and would like to share it with the community we encourage you to create a post here in the community area of Discourse.

If you prefer to use the wiki, we’ve also set up a GNOME 44 Release Party page you can share on here:

If you would like to request funding or swag (GNOME stickers!) please create a GitLab issue including the details of your request and the date of your event: Teams / Engagement / Event Sponsorship Requests · GitLab

Don’t forget to share your photos! Tag us on your social posts (Mastodon or Twitter ) and use the hashtags “GNOME44” and “GNOMERelease” or “GNOMEParty”. You can also post your photos to an Engagement Team shared album here.


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