GNOME 44.rc released!


GNOME 44.rc is now available! Final release is now very close

Sorry for the slight delay, we discovered a problem in the GNOME OS startup but that should be fixed now with the patch for mutter here: [1] (thanks Carlos for helping with the investigation and the fix). You can see all the tests passing now in our openQA instance at openQA: gnomeos-master-iso-x86_64-gnomeos@qemu_x86_64 test results :slight_smile:

We remind you we are string frozen, no string changes may be made without confirmation from the l10n team.
Hard code freeze is also in place, no source code changes can be made without approval from the release-team. If you need to request any of the above, see ReleasePlanning/RequestingFreezeBreaks - GNOME Wiki!

Also remember you can use the 44beta branch of the flatpak runtimes, which is now available on Flathub beta.

Important links:

WARNING! This is beta quality software. This release is intended for GNOME developers and beta testers. For more information about GNOME 44, including the full schedule, please see our wiki page .

Javier Jardón
GNOME Release Team


Patch for mutter mentioned above is at core: Retrieve DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID early on startup (!2906) · Merge requests · GNOME / mutter · GitLab

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