Gnome 44 on Gentoo ~amd64

I have two systems using Gnome / Gentoo ~amd64. Both of which are using Gnome 44 current.
The one that is displaying properly is a new clean install and the one with the blue arrows is my daily driver desktop. I am having an issue with it displaying themes properly. I am also noticing and issue with the Icon being much larger on the GDM unlock screen. Could it be a simple fix as me reinstalling a supporting library?

How do I go about testing?

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You may create a new user on your box, and log in as that user. If that works, then the problem are old configuration files, not updated properly.

Or, maybe one of your boxes is using wayland, the other x11? Have both similar CPU and GPU?

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I created a new user. Apparently. It displays fine with the default Adawadi theme. If I use any other there than the default it does that thing.

What I can’t understand is why it’s displaying fine on the new install I have done recently. I literally scp’d my theme folder over.

The glitch on this system appears to just be themes that are not the default. I am also having issues with the circle on gdm as well not displaying properly.

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