Gnome 44 don't "memorize" maximized apps

Hi everyone!!

I’m a newbe that I come from Ubuntu 20,21,22…

Yesterday I installed the new Ubuntu 23.04 distro with Gnome 44 and I noticed that some applications like “Visual Studio Code”, “Kicad”, “Stacer”… always start in not maximized (zoomed) mode. Even my “Python” app developed by “Visual Studio Code” and “Tkinter” in Ubuntu 22.10 started in maximized (zoomed) mode and now not.

Somebody have the same “issue”??

Thanks to everyone and best regards from Spain.

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AFAIK, GNOME Shell isn’t responsible for remembering window state. That’s handled by the apps themselves.

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While it is true that apps are responsible for remembering and restoring their size and maximization state, there currently is a bug in the new window decorations code in mutter that can end up undoing state changes that happened during window creation (i.e. when the app restores those things). So this bug would affect everybody running some of the affected apps: X11 apps with server side decorations (or maybe only a subset of those if the timing of the state changes is important).


Same problem for me with Thunderbird and other apps. Is there an issue opened to track this?

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Thanks for your response.

I knew it, but I think there’s a little bit thing that doesn’t permit the maximized opening as @skeller said.


Same problem on Fedora 38 / gnome 44 (x11) : windows that always started maximized do not anymore (Blender, Calibre, Gimp, Inkscape).

Some others still can do it : Firefox, Gedit.

Maybe related: Maximized state is not restored for several apps with mutter-x11-frames (#2579) · Issues · GNOME / mutter · GitLab

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