Gnome 44 and Title Bar clicks

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Since I updated from Gnome 43 to Gnome 44 (Debian unstable), clicking on title bars no longer raises the associated window. I had also set (via gnome-tweaks) double clicking on title bars to maximise vertically and middle-clicking therm to lower. These settings also do not work. I am using X11, not Wayland, specifically because I had had problems in the past with just this sort of thing on Wayland. Is this fixable via extension, at least in theory?

I am using X11, not Wayland,

Does it work in Wayland ?

I admit that I have not attempted that yet; I will try in a while, once I manage to decrease the amount of state I care about in my current setup. This, too, is one of the reasons I don’t use Wayland: with X11 I can restart gnome-shell with Alt-F2 r RET.

Regardless, I see no reason this should not work with both, assuming Wayland can support it.

Debian unstable is 90% GNOME 45 ( Status of GNOME 45 in Debian )

I’m on Debian unstable and I’m not seeing any issues on X11 / wayland.

You can create a new test user and switch to the user account (in wayland) without logging out the current user.

I’ve yet to try Wayland, but even after a full reboot, it isn’t working on X11. Mostly. Modern GTK applications with their pseudo-title bars (like Files and Settings) raise and lower appropriately. Non-GTK apps, like xterm, do not.

Are you maybe using some focus mode other than click to focus?

Most certainly. I’m using “Focus on Hover.” That, too, does not work when the mouse moves over a title bar.

That definitely matches my problem. Looks like it will be fixed eventually. Thanks!

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