GNOME 43.rc released!


GNOME 43.rc is now available!
Enjoy it as fast as you can; the final release is scheduled for this coming week.

An installer image (built from scratch using freedesktop-sdk 22.08 as a
base) is also available for testing and porting extensions: you can grab the latest working one at

This is meant to be installed in a virtual machine with EFI support
(such as the GNOME Boxes version available on Flathub)
You can also try to install it on bare metal but be warned that hardware support is
very limited; join gnome-os matrix channel if you are interested.

Also remember the corresponding flatpak runtimes have been published to Flathub.
If you’d like to target the GNOME 43 platform, you can test your
application against the 43beta branch of the Flathub Beta

We remind you we are string frozen, no string changes may be made
without confirmation from the l10n team (gnome-i18n@) and notification
to both the release team and the GNOME Documentation Project

Hard code freeze is also in place, no source code changes can be made
without approval from the release-team. Translation and documentation
can continue.

If you want to compile GNOME 43.rc, you can use the official
BuildStream project snapshot. Thanks to BuildStream’s build
sandbox, it should build reliably for you regardless of the
dependencies on your host system:

The list of updated modules and changes is available here:

The source packages are available here:


This release is a snapshot of development code. This release is
intended for GNOME
developers and beta testers. For more information about GNOME 43,
including the full schedule, please see our wiki page:

Javier Jardón Cabezas
GNOME Release Team

Tested it with Flathub Boxes on Fedora 36.

I already participated in F37 Gnome 43 Final test day and found a couple of bugs. However, it seems like all of the bugs I reported are fixed. I tested a multitude of applications and did not notice any glaring issues.

Looks good to me.

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