GNOME (41+) Software does not show on Update screen new version of OS or GNOME

Hi all,

Using Fedora Silverblue 34+ , Gnome Software should inform user on Update screen that a new version of OS is available as stated in Fedora Magazine Nov2021:

GNOME Software shows you that there is new version of Fedora Linux available on the Updates screen.

Hence on the same subject: how can Gnome Software inform the user that a Gnome update is available , for example Gnome 42.0 to 42.1 update ?

Is this more a Gnome/Gnome Software or more a Linux/Fedora configuration issue ?
Thanks for your help !

Minor updates like 42.0 → 42.1 are just regular updates that don’t receive a huge banner. The banner is for major OS version upgrades only.

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