GNOME 41 Release Notes

It’s time in the development cycle to be thinking about release notes! It would be great to have help.

GNOME 41 is scheduled for September 22nd, and the notes should be done 2 weeks before that, in order to give time for translations. That gives us a release notes deadline of 8 September.

Material for the notes is being collected in a ticket. If there’s anything to be mentioned in the notes, it should be added there ASAP.

My attempt to avoid writing the notes seems to be crumbling and I’m going to be away for a week at the end of August, so I’ll put some time into an initial draft next week (23-27 August).

In terms of tooling and infrastructure, there’s an ongoing experiment to see if we can use Sphinx and Gitlab pages for the notes. This would allow us to use Markdown, which would make the process a lot easier. We’ll have to see how that goes!


Initial draft is in the repo. I’ll leave it now until I’m back on 7 September. If anyone can work on the notes between now and then, that would be great! We’ll only have a day or two to finish them off at that point.

Thanks Allan! I reformatted the text in Mallard so that it renders using the existing infrastructure. I didn’t want to get too deep into parsing Markdown and/or DuckType considering the tight timeline we’re on. I also added a bit of basic CI integration to the repo, so when you make a commit, the new Mallard files are processed and rendered into HTML, available from the repo page. When you’re back, let me know whatever changes you think are necessary and I can deal with the Mallard markup. :slight_smile:

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