Gnome 41 and Power Options and software compatibility

I use tlp and cpu frequency tool in my setup.
Can new power options in gnome conflict with software I mentioned ?


I also use TLP and GNOME 41 (on Fedora 35 beta) and I’m running in to an issue where my power mode switches randomly, I would also like to know if it’s because of TLP or something else.

Sorry, the answer is yes, they do conflict and you should only use one or the other. So if you prefer to use TLP, you want to uninstall power-profiles-daemon. If you prefer the GNOME integration, then you want to uninstall TLP.

Think of TLP as an advanced tool for experts to test power settings tweaks that should eventually be upstreamed into the kernel if effective, and power-profiles-daemon as a final product more suitable for end users rather than for testing and optimizing.


Ah. that’s good to know. Thanks for explaining.

Thanks for the information.

And could you tell something about auto-cpufreq and thermald?
Does power-profiles-daemon replace them?

I checked just a second ago and power-profiles-daemon isn’t installed as a dependency for gnome group (Arch Linux).

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