GNOME 40: Return Gnome 3.38 styles

Hello there,

I have been using Gnome for 10 years, and all that time it has been a fantastic desktop environment. I really like the GNOME 3.38 design. It perfectly works either on a laptop, or on 2 or even on 3 monitors. It creates an invisible layer between a human and the software: you are interacting with the tools and programs you need, and just don’t notice the desktop environment. No matter one application or twenty one applications are running, it’s always comfortable.

However, the GNOME 40 looks like the unproductive thing that gives you pain. How can I return the old Gnome 3.38 styles? Distro: Arch Linux.

You can either look through the available extensions at to see if any help, or you’ll have to to downgrade GNOME.

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