GNOME 40 Overview does not automatically activate navigation across open windows by Tab or Arrow keys

Before GNOME 40, I could hit Super to launch the Overview, then immediately press Tab key to navigate through open windows, without any ceremony in between.

That seems to be gone in GNOME 40. Tab does not work at all. While arrow keys navigate the focus across open windows, even they aren’t the ‘default’ operations. I would have to first hover over one of the open windows to activate the navigate-by-arrow operation.

Is this a bug or an intentional change?

A bug.

Ah. Is this treated as a priority bug? I have an accessibility issue and would rather go back to GNOME 3.x if fixing it is going to take time.

It’s probably not a hard problem to fix, but no, it’s not a priority bug in the sense that everyone ceases to work on anything else until it’s fixed.

Thank you. [fill 20 characters]

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