Gnome 40: How to get it running in Manjaro (Solved)

I am trying to build gnome 40 on my Manjaro machine but it fails after I installed it via ninja. I get it up and running in a Fedora Rawhide VM, but not on my machine. On Fedora it is pretty easy by following this video. Are there any special new deps?

Here it what I did:

  • I checked all deps-(build) Fedora is installing

  • I found to nearly every packed an equal one on manjaro (sometimes with a bit different name)

  • Only for the three not:

    • mesa-libegl
    • mesa-libgbm
    • mesa-libel
  • But I get it compiled like in the video shown but after restating the Shell. I get the “Bluescreen” from Gnome

Luckily I simply need to reinstall mutter and gnome-shell via pamac and everything is fine.

Does anyone have any ideas?

And if not I have to wait until the release :slightly_frowning_face:

I get it to work :smiley:
I simply need to install gsettings-desktop-schemas because of that merge request.

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