Gnome 40 applications overview which key to go to next page of overview?

I used to use keyboard to walk through app overview. and to go to next page of the overview. I cannot find keys to do this in Gnome 40. Which keys should I use? (superkey +alt does not do that.) I am on desktop fedora 34. with Gnome 40

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Looking at the code, PgUp and PgDn should move between pages, but it seems this is currently broken.

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Right, there are two bugs at play:

  1. Both workspaces and app pages handle PgUp and PgDn key presses when they are mapped. In GNOME 40 both are always mapped when the overview is shown, so there is a conflict (apparently workspaces win)

  2. The key handler for workspaces tries to switch workspaces vertically, which doesn’t do anything anymore since the layout is now horizontal

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Thanks, Are these known bugs, should someone write a bug report?

They are now known.

I opened with a proposed fix.


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