Gnome 4 fun speculation

In an interesting turn about of events

Gnome using Gtk 4 (which may or may not be marketed as Gnome 4) could at the earliest be targeted to coincide/replace gnome 3.40.

Kind of like Gnome 2.30 was the target release of Gnome 3.0 (AFAIK that was missed, but the targetting was interesting).

Am i the only one to see a sort of symmetry in there?

(In the community section as its not anything serious.)

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There isn’t any speculation to be made. Gtk4 will be released eventually and apps will port to it but most likely it won’t bring any drastic design changes.

And there certainly won’t be a GNOME 4 or coincide with the gtk4 release in any way. GTK and glib are their own independent projects, used by many more desktops than just GNOME.

One motivation for the proposed versioning scheme change is precisely to separate the API of the underlying platform from UX changes.

There are — to the best of my knowledge — no plans for a big architectural change to the desktop like when gnome-shell replaced metacity and gnome-panel in GNOME 3.

That doesn’t mean that the UX isn’t going to evolve of course, but it really doesn’t make much sense to version it like API. Anything that would be released as “GNOME 4” would be much closer in terms of UX and technology to 3.36/3.38 than 3.36 is to – say – 3.10 (no wayland, no headerbars, significantly different desktop shell).

Ive been reading that version scheme change discussion and its very interesting.

(I wasnt expecting/requesting any changes that wouldnt normally be done in a normal release. having followed development recently it has seemed like the old reliance on GTK major number has ended in atleast some places.)

Maybe the term gnome 4 is more loaded than I expected.

That’s always been more of a fluke than anything, worth noting gtk is on ~3.24.∞ but GNOME is about to be 3.38

… and glib/gobject/gio are still on 2.x, with no plans for breaking API any time soon.

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