GNOME 3.38 uses Tracker 3 by default but one core app still uses Tracker 2


As noted at, all GNOME core components will use Tracker 3 in the next release apart from Photos.

There are also a few non-core components which still depend on Tracker 2: Games, Books and Documents.

Tracker 2 and 3 can be parallel installed. We recommend distributors create new tracker3 and tracker3-miners packages for the new version of Tracker.

  • tracker-miner-fs-3.service (or /etc/xdg/autostart/tracker-miner-fs-3.desktop) should start with the user session

  • GTK+ should be configured with -Dtracker3=true

The latest release of tracker2-miners adds a -Dautostart build option. It defaults to false. This means that tracker-store.service and tracker-miner-fs.service will not autostart with the desktop session, and will only activate when an app requires them.

I also sent this as a mail to (although it may be stuck in the moderation queue)


Can you clarify this part ?


For Mageia we usually keep the preferred package name versionless and the non-preferred one versioned. So tracker will be v3 in addition to tracker2 packages. This makes way more sense IMO. It does require a tiny amount of work to change a few (Build)Requires from tracker to tracker2.

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